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ADVANTAGE™ is a video-based referee review platform.

Without it, it can take many more years for you to become the referee everyone wants on their game."

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We love rugby. We love refereeing.

We are sure you do too, otherwise you won't be reading this right now.

The revolutionary ADVANTAGE™ platform helps you focus your efforts.

You deserve to be provided the resources and support to be successful.

We believe that you, the referee, can be the unsung hero behind a fantastic product, love what you do, and everyone will want you to be the referee on their game.


In all sports someone loses, and in rugby, often referees are blamed. We know you have not always been provided the resources and support to improve and be successful. There’s a lot of focus on technical aspects of the game and Law, and those goal posts are always shifting.


Refereeing is challenging.


We each have a personal ethical framework within which we define “right” and “wrong.” We naturally want to be right and often feel responsible to be in control.  


The drive to be “in control” can limit the potential of the Game. Being in control is NOT the same as controlling the Game. Your performance is built on your relationships, with yourself, with the Game and with players. 


By being involved in match officiating, you get to be an integral part of something you love, and we know you believe rugby is the greatest game, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now! It’s an honor to be out there and that attitude and belief can help you focus on the challenge, on opportunities and not on the pressure or the ego-based concern of making mistakes. 


Integrating STRATEGIC REFEREEING can reduce your need to be in control and maximize your ability to control the game.


It helps you to be successful and better position yourself so that you can maximize your potential and your career pathway. Combined with the solid TECHNICAL foundation we provide, you can be the referee everyone wants on their game.

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