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Mastering the Yo-Yo Test


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We are going to change the way you see your fitness and the way you train.

Here's what you will discover today. You test your fitness level. It will only take you about 7-15 minutes which includes a warm-up and a run. We have three ways to test it. From that result, you apply a combination of our training exercises. After 2 weeks, you test yourself again, and adjust your training methods accordingly. And repeat. 

The Yo-Yo has become the popular way to assess fitness. No test is perfect, as it has little to do with your actual skills required out on the field.

However, it's good and necessary to be fit. It helps you to have a clear mind to make controlled decisions when under pressure, physically and emotionally.

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Some love tests, others don't. You can feel overwhelmed by tests, so we're going to give you the tools to not only to do well in the test, but to be fitter, quicker and in the best shape to be successful. Even if you are superfit, we will still provide you training exercises that can improve your fitness and speed.

The Yo-Yo measures your ability at high-intensity aerobic performance. It gives you a base of predicting VO2 max and aerobic power. Like many tests, the more you practice them, and more knowledge and understanding you develop, and it helps you to do better. What you need to know, is that the first one can be tough. Often, this can have an emotional affect on you, which makes it more difficult to improve your performance. Don't stress, as right now, we will give you all the tools to not only knock this out the park, but to increase your speed, agility and overall fitness.


4 facts that will make you see the test in a new light

  1. Level 18 is considered a good marker for elite referees.

  2. It amounts to 44 x 40m shuttles, with 10s breaks between each shuttle.

  3. The total distance covered to Level 18 is 1760m (1.1 mile).

  4. From Level 15 to 16 it is 8 x 40m shuttles (320m). From 16 to 17 and 17 to 18 it's the same, 8 shuttles each. The only difference is the speed increases by 0.5km/hr. It means that when you get to 15, you have to run 24 shuttles to get to 18.

So how do you train for refereeing fitness, and the Yo-Yo? Here are some ideas.


Your VO2 Max is the ability of your aerobic system to support high intensity exercise. In other words, your ability to remain aerobic through oxygen consumption. When it diminishes, your body then produces energy mostly through anaerobic glycolysis (transformation of glucose to lactate) and you become backed up with lactic acid.

Refereeing is made up of intermittent sessions of recovery, walking, running and sprinting. The better your aerobic power is, the better you perform, in both refereeing and the yo-yo.


We believe, the best way to improve your aerobic power and speed is through our ADVANTAGE™ Maximal Aerobic Speed (AMAS) training. Firstly, you need to determine you AMAS number, by testing, which is measured in m/s and is basically the slowest speed at which VO2 max occurs. There are many MAS tests and the accuracy varies, but we have a simple way to do it in one of three test options:


  1. Measure the distance you can run in 5 minutes, or, a little easier to administer,

  2. Run 1km and record the time, or

  3. Run 1 mile and record the time.


The chart below gives you your AMAS number according to your running test result. Once you have that, you can customize you workout accordingly, and steadily build your fitness. Our unique training program is designed specifically to help you train at your current fitness level. You will be amazed how customized training can improve your fitness.

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