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In most sports officiating, we often focus on the technical aspects, to the point where we forget the most important part. Why we referee.

It helps us to remember the emotional triggers that allow us to be motivated, be prepared, and be successful every moment we are fortunate enough to be part of our sport of choice. The game we love. The game we have chosen, or that has chosen us, to be part of our identity, of who we are.

So here are "15 Keys to Refereeing":

  1. Love the game

  2. Provide a fair environment for both teams so they decide the outcome

  3. Respect everyone in the game

  4. Support your peers

  5. Embrace both failure and success for yourself and others

  6. Officiate every game like it’s your last game

  7. Your greatest performance will go unnoticed

  8. The mind is free and irrational, and people will believe what they believe

  9. Know when to be in the Learning Zone and when to be in the Performance Zone

  10. Incorporate effective practice

  11. Visualization builds on effective practice

  12. Solicit feedback, share experiences - confidence is about modeling ongoing learning

  13. Explore, ask, listen, experiment, reflect and strive

  14. “It’s what you learn, after you know everything, that counts.” – John Wooden

  15. Enjoy yourself

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