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ADVANTAGE™ Sports Software is based in Chicago in the USA. It was conceptualized in 2016, as an affordable solution to match official development. Always challenging the status quo, ADVANTAGE™ has now evolved into a LIVE solution, that makes it easy for you to work, supported by a solid infrastructure. Everything is in one place, you use only what you need, customizing it to suit your development, from grassroots to professional. Working in real time means that after the game, most of your work is done. ADVANTAGE™ provides you the only affordable solution on the market, saving you time and saving you money.

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AWS is the world-leader in cloud computing, audio and video technology, and provides a robust global technical infrastructure. All ADVANTAGE™ data and technology is securely stored and delivered through AWS. 



Technical Partner

Based in Montreal, Canada, SIMPLY PHP, has been the preferred partner of ADVANTAGE™ from the outset. Providing solid solutions and developing ground-breaking features, they have established a support team of industry experts, always available, and delivering a product to meet your needs in sports technology.



President / Founder

Combining experience as a top Creative Director, Rugby Referee and Manager, and Senior Vice-President in marketing and technology, culminated in the development of ADVANTAGE™. Richard has a long history of quality clients across sports and the corporate world, including Sharks Rugby (SA), BMW, NCAA, Arena Football, NFL, Bellator MMA, SA Rugby, and USA Rugby.

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A CPA and Forensic Auditor, working for the International Monetary Fund in assessing governance, frameworks and control systems for countries across the globe, Riaan, provides guidance in strategy, management and budget operations. Further supported by his experience in rugby as a World Rugby Technical Zone Manager, and Match Official Manager for internationals in the USA.

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Consulting Analyst

With an illustrious career in rugby from Captain and National Champion to multiple roles as Manager, Educator, Reviewer, Presenter and Coach, her collective experience brings a level of expertise that provides a platform of excellence. Added to that, is a career as a Research Chemist where accuracy and analysis is critical.

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Analyst / Radio Engineer

Combining a distinguished record as Referee, Manager and Educator for USA Rugby, Marc is also Director of Advantage Referee Communications who meets the need for fast and accurate communication between the team of officials, vital to the integrity of the sport and the enjoyment for the fans. His skills deliver quality analysis and solution-focused processes within the new platform.

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